Sainz admits Mercedes, Red Bull options for 2025

Mon, 26 February 2024, 09:00

Feb.26 (GMM) Carlos Sainz insists it is still his priority to secure his future in Formula 1 as soon as possible.

The Spaniard headed into the winter break late last year insisting that he wanted a new Ferrari contract in his pocket ahead of the first race of 2024.

Ultimately, Ferrari only told him that he would be replaced for 2025 by Lewis Hamilton. When asked by Marca if the news had liberated him somewhat for the forthcoming season at Ferrari, Sainz answered: “First of all I want to solve my future to be clear about where I am going to go – what comes next.

“Obviously they are not going to count on me much to develop the car, so that does allow me to focus solely and exclusively on getting the most out of myself.”

Already linked with Sauber-Audi, Mercedes and Red Bull for 2025, the 29-year-old admits he might got get the quick outcome he is seeking.

“Honestly, I have no idea when it will be resolved, because right now the only thing we are doing is talking to everyone and finding out a little about what position each team has for availability and seeing which project suits my needs and intentions,” Sainz said.

His famous father, rallying legend Carlos Sainz, was conspicuously present at the pre-season test last week, reportedly helping to sound out his son’s potential opportunities.

When asked if he wants an immediately quick car for 2025 or a promising project for the future, Sainz jr admitted: “Both.

“In the ideal case I will look to be in a good position both next year and in the future, but in fact I believe that with the change in regulations around the corner, you are having to take into consideration the future much more than ever.”

Sainz admitted that Mercedes and Red Bull are both options.

“I think Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull are the three teams that you undoubtedly know will be there next year, or for whatever happens even in 2026,” he said.

“But I’m still looking outside of those teams because of how F1 is changing.”

Beating his continuing Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc this year would give Sainz’s chances of a top seat a big boost.

“Carlos is very strong mentally, he never gives up, he is always there and always strong,” fellow Spaniard Pedro de la Rosa, an Aston Martin ambassador, told Marca newspaper.

“Leclerc seems to be having a little more trouble with the new car.”

Russian F1 commentator Alexey Popov, meanwhile, thinks 2024 is a critical season for Leclerc, given that he will be paired with seven time world champion Hamilton from next year.

“Charles has a chance, but he has to grow up in his own head,” he said on VKontakte. “His constant self-flagellation, like (Lando) Norris – they need to look at Senna, Schumacher, Verstappen, Alonso, who never have the slightest doubt about themselves.

“If Charles just wants to remain a good guy, Lewis will eat him up even at the age of 40 and not knowing how to speak Italian.”

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