Sakhir consider more seats after Sunday sellout

Sun, 15 April 2007, 05:03

Sakhir circuit officials may have to consider building more seats for future F1 races because today’s Bahrain grand prix will be a sell-out.

All 34,000 seated tickets have been snapped up, according to the circuit’s general manager Martin Whitaker, who is a Briton. Another 6,000 corporate guests are also expected.

26,000 people watched qualifying on Saturday, which is 6,000 higher than last year, Whitaker said.

Referring to race day, he told the Gulf Daily News: “It will be the first time that we have hit the capacity level on race day.

“The great thing for me would be the day when we actually realise we need to build more grandstand seats. Let’s have a look after this race, we will do the figures and have a look at it.”

Unlike the tension that exists between Malaysia and budding F1 host Singapore, Whitaker insisted that the incoming Abu Dhabi GP in 2009 will be a boost for motor racing in the Middle Eastern region.

“I think we have got to realise that having another race in the region is going to help grow the fan base,” he said.

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