Sargeant in F1 won’t ‘turn people on’ – Horner

Mon, 13 February 2023, 08:00

Feb.13 (GMM) Formula 1 is unlikely to get a boost in popularity within American as a result of Florida-born Logan Sargeant’s race debut in 2023.

That is the view of Red Bull boss Christian Horner, after the energy drink owned team decided to launch its new F1 season in New York.

Red Bull-owned Alpha Tauri then followed suit by revealing its 2023 campaign last weekend in the city to coincide with Fashion Week.

But Red Bull doesn’t have an American driver. In 2023, the only US-born star on the grid will be 22-year-old Logan Sargeant, who makes his debut at the back of the grid for Williams.

“It’s great to have him there and he’s a talented young guy,” Horner told the New York Post. “But he’s going to be limited in what he can do.

“The problem is, if you’re finishing 14th or 15th it doesn’t really turn people on. I think if he was fighting at the front in a competitive car, then you’d see what happened with Fernando (Alonso) in Spain, or Checo (Perez) and the reaction in Mexico.

“So that’s what we need: an American driver fighting for victories and world championships,” added Horner, who thinks that will happen “in time”.

“Imagine if there was an American Max Verstappen,” he continued. “What we need is a young, talented, competitive American driver.”

At any rate, Sargeant will have the unique experience of racing at no fewer than three home grands prix this year – in Miami, Austin and Las Vegas.

“I think the timing is great,” the 22-year-old rookie said.

“You can tell that Formula 1 in America is at a peak. With the trajectory it’s on, I don’t really see it stopping to be honest.”

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