Scare for McLaren in new front wing’s transit

Mon, 27 September 2010, 12:31

Sep.27 (GMM) A striking new front wing for McLaren’s 2010 car almost didn’t make it to the Singapore circuit at the weekend.

Managing director Jonathan Neale travelled from the team’s Woking headquarters to the Asian city-state with the brand new pieces in his luggage.

But Neale admits he began to worry when the new part did not emerge with his other luggage.

“First, one of Adrian Newey’s (Red Bull) parts came out, but not our case.

“Because the wing was packed so well, the guys at the airport thought it was equipment for the aircraft rather than luggage. So they left it on the plane.

“We had to wait for a few hours to get it,” he explained.

The new front wing was visibly different to its predecessor, and credited for allowing Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button to split the Red Bulls in qualifying.

“It is a bit different,” Neale agreed. “We haven’t seen its full potential yet. On the fast circuits it should give us even more.”

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