Schu facing tough week at Silverstone

Mon, 5 June 2006, 12:45

Michael Schumacher could be forgiven for not looking forward to his arrival at Silverstone this week.

In the days prior to Sunday’s British grand prix, the German has been summoned by fellow directors to a meeting of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, of which the 37-year-old is president.

In the press, they – for example, Jarno Trulli and Mark Webber – have called on the Ferrari driver to give them a real explanation about what occurred at Rascasse in the dying seconds of last Saturday’s Monaco qualifying.

If what the GPDA hears is inadequate, Schumacher could be asked to step down or face a members’ revolt. McLaren test driver Pedro de la Rosa, for one, has threatened to quit if Michael does not.

Former grand prix driver Derek Warwick, however, reckons the racing world lost perspective during condemnation for Schumacher’s punished moves.

In fact, the exaggerated ruckus might ‘drive him out of the sport’, the 51-year-old told the ‘Daily Mail’ in Britain.

Warwick said: ”Everyone has tried to gain an advantage at some time in our careers.

”He desperately wanted pole position — it is why he’s been world champion seven times.”gmmf1

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