Schu, Ferrari to blame for Indy ’05 – Alonso

Thu, 29 June 2006, 10:07

At Indianapolis on Thursday, Fernando Alonso pointed the finger at Ferrari and Michael Schumacher when remembering the farcical six-car race of 2005.

”Before the race,” Renault’s title-leading Spaniard was quoted as recalling by the ‘sid’ agency, ”we said that we didn’t want points but we wanted to drive for the fans.”

Alluding to the non-agreement of Bridgestone-clad Ferrari, he added: ”But a team and some drivers did not accept that.

”I accept everyone’s option, but in that moment the 150,000 fans were more important. Sometimes we forget that we drive not for us but for the people.”

As the grand prix circus sets up shop at the fabled Motor Speedway, some are suggesting that – to guarantee avoidance of the same tyre problem in 2006 – Michelin will have gone ultra-conservative for this race.

But Alonso insisted: ”Even if I lose two or four points in the championship here, it would not be too bad.”

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