Schu makes grid in ‘Forbes’ rich ranking

Wed, 16 August 2006, 12:59

He can anonymously holiday in the country, but US business magazine ‘Forbes’ has placed Michael Schumacher inside the top-twenty of its latest list of high-earning celebrities.

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg tops the charts with more than a staggering (US) $330 million for the year, while Ferrari’s Schumacher – his annual take estimated at around the $60 million mark – is placed fifteenth.

On Forbes’ ranking of ‘celebrity power’, meanwhile, 37-year-old Schumacher is situated just thirtieth, although he ranks sixth of the athletes, behind names including Muhammed Ali, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.

Intriguingly, the magazine also found that Schumacher is the highest paid athlete who is not sponsored by Nike.

In another publication, however, ‘Sport Illustrated’ said Schumacher topped its recent International Top-20 list, estimating the German’s annual earnings at some $80 million.

He was trailed by Valentino Rossi, Ronaldinho, Maria Sharapova and David Beckham, although Tiger Woods topped the list of American athletes with a whopping $97.6m wage.

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