Schu plays down reports of F1 return

Fri, 20 October 2006, 09:54

At the scene of his last ever formula one drive, Michael Schumacher on Thursday played down speculation that he might one day return to a cockpit.

“I would not have made the decision that I made if I had not thought about it properly,” the retiring Ferrari driver told journalists in Sao Paulo.

He insisted that racing ‘in another series’ does not interest him, thus rejecting speculation of a $12.5 million DTM or Le Mans seat for Audi, but journalists also wondered whether he might perform a Niki Lauda or Nigel Mansell-like u-turn after officially ‘retiring’.

Schumacher, 37, said: “I do not think that I would be able to find enough energy to come back at this level. (F1) requires a lot of motivation and also devotion, and my battery is too empty for that.”

The German has rarely flown his father, Rolf, to the Interlagos venue this weekend, but Schumacher seemed genuinely unfazed by the significance of his 250th and last ever F1 race.

“I’m not thinking about it too much,” he insisted. “Sometimes it feels a little bit strange but I’m pretty much relaxed. Up to now it’s just been a normal preparation for me.”


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