Schu resets focus on future

Mon, 12 June 2006, 12:51

Michael Schumacher will attempt to forget his troubles by holidaying in America prior to the upcoming double-header in Montreal and Indianapolis.

In what is fast becoming an annual tradition for the seven time world champion, he confirmed on Monday that he is again planning to put his feet up somewhere on the continent.

37-year-old Schumacher’s face was like thunder after his defeat to Renault driver Fernando Alonso at Silverstone, where the championship deficit blew out once again to an increasingly troublesome lead.

”It is no secret that the championship fight is looking extremely hard,” he freely admitted.

Schumacher said: ”However, it is also true that if Fernando can draw out such a lead in the first half of the season, then it is of course possible that he could lose it again.

”There are too many races left to simply give up.”

On the up-side, however, the lengthy ‘Rascasse’ saga seems finally to have run out of fuel, and the long straights of the grands prix of Canada and the US are almost certain to suit the characteristics of Schumacher’s ‘248’ racer.

”Both are high speed tracks,” said Ferrari’s technical director Ross Brawn, ”and we have very, very good straight line speed.”

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