Schu rides MotoGP bike at Mugello

Sun, 4 June 2006, 05:15

After racing at Monaco and testing at Barcelona last week, Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher spent his weekend at the Mugello circuit in Italy — on the back of a grand prix two-wheeler.

The seven time world champion, with his Rascasse indiscretion now a week in the past, took to the back berth of Ducati’s two-seat MotoGP motorcycle at the series’ Italian grand prix.

After sitting behind motorcycling veteran Randy Mamola for two laps, 37-year-old Schumacher can now add the experience to the laps he did last winter on a regular MotoGP racer.

He joked: ”I patted Randy on the back a couple of times to remind him that I’ve got Silverstone next weekend!”

And, at the conclusion of his second MotoGP experience, the German insisted that – perhaps unlike Mugello race winner Valentino Rossi – he is not contemplating a switch of codes.

”I think (now) I have done enough,” Schumacher smiled. ”I’m not planning to become a bike racer!”

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