Schu says no to silly-season

Fri, 23 June 2006, 11:46

Michael Schumacher has refused to add fuel to F1’s fiery silly-season as he continued to give little away about his driving future beyond 2006.

Asked if the Ferrari veteran had anything new to report in Montreal, he answered ‘no’.

”In Monza Ferrari will announce something officially.”

Reporters tried every trick in the book to dupe the 37-year-old into making a slip, such as asking him what his reply would be if we were already standing on Italian soil rather than in Canada.

Schumacher smiled: ”That is a very interesting question and I will answer it in Monza.”

But like Kimi Raikkonen, the German did deny that the whereabouts of key rivals would factor into his decision.

”I have never wanted a teammate that I knew would be slower than me,” he protested, ”as it would make no sense for me or for Ferrari.”

Meanwhile, Schumacher – who is staying in the same Montreal hotel as the female singer – admitted that he would be attending the Madonna concert on Friday night.

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