Schu to debut ‘super-soft’ Bridgestone

Thu, 11 May 2006, 11:47

Michael Schumacher will charge for a hat-trick of victories with a brand new ‘super-soft’ Bridgestone tyre in Spain.

Germany’s ‘Bild’ newspaper revealed that the new spec, only completed by the Japanese supplier on Monday this week, is softer and faster than the tyre with which Ferrari’s number one won a week ago in Germany.

Previously, Bridgestone’s product – also used for the first time in 2006 by Toyota and Williams – operated only within a small ‘window’ of performance.

But Schumacher told Bild: ”Whether it is hot or cold no longer plays a role.”

Ferrari boss Jean Todt added: ”Bridgestone have made a giant jump and from now on we will be strong.”

Pat Symonds, a technical chief at Renault, confessed that Fernando Alonso was simply beaten by Ferrari’s Bridgestone-clad pace in the Eifel region.

‘Our Michelins just could not keep up,” Bild quoted him as saying.

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