Schu weighing up teammate Raikkonen

Sat, 13 May 2006, 09:31

The extension of Michael Schumacher’s deadline to determine his future in formula one has sparked off a new flurry of unwelcome speculation.

The German’s manager, Willi Weber, denied that the now end-of-year announcement indicates that Schumacher is weighing up whether he really wants to take on Kimi Raikkonen, who may have signed a Ferrari contract for 2007.

”Michael is not afraid of anybody,” he declared to ‘Bild’ newspaper.

”The reason for the delay is very simple — he wants to make sure he makes the right decision.”

Another theory is that, because he’s back in the 2006 title hunt, Schumacher would retire as soon as he is an eight-time world champion.

Weber called the guess a ‘possibility’.

But he said: ”My feeling is that he would drive on anyway.”

The world’s press, as well, has been busy with its hypothesising skills. ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ in Italy said of Schumacher: ”He wants to concentrate on the championship with a clear mind.”

‘Corriere dello Sport’, however, added: ”Ferrari could not afford to calmly wait for Michael if the team had not already made plans.

”Independently of Schumacher’s decision, Ferrari already has a new driver firmly in its grasp — Raikkonen.”

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