Schu will face GPDA inquisition

Thu, 8 June 2006, 11:48

Mark Webber has confirmed speculation that the drivers’ ‘GPDA’ union will require Michael Schumacher to explain his Rascasse moment to rivals at Silverstone this week.

”We will see what he wants to tell us as fellow professionals about why he stopped,” Williams’ 29-year-old Australian driver told the Sun newspaper in England.

Officially, Ferrari has put a full-stop alongside the whole issue. From this point on, everyone in a red uniform will play a straight bat to the inevitably continuing questions.

”That’s in the past,” Jean Todt, proving the point, said this week. ”We’ve turned the page.”

Mark Webber observed: ”They want to draw a line under it because they know (Schumacher’s action) was deliberate.”

Another observer, though, has described the entire Schumacher affair as a ‘witch-hunt’.

Veteran of 256 grands prix Riccardo Patrese, who once was the German’s teammate (1993), said: ”Who do they think they are, going to heavily against a seven time champion?

”People say F1 is in a crisis; of course it is, with people like these.”

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