Schu won’t quit over Monaco gaffe

Fri, 9 June 2006, 12:49

Michael Schumacher has rejected suggestions that the venom of criticism following his Monaco slip might cause him to quit F1.

The German, who is reportedly yet to sign Ferrari’s offer of a new two-year contract beyond 2006, said it would be a mistake to base such an all-encompassing decision on a single event.

”If I thought like that, then you could call me short-sighted,” 37-year-old Schumacher said at Silverstone.

”But I am not short-sighted.”

Former triple world champion Sir Jackie Stewart, however, has said for a long time now that the Ferrari veteran should call it a day.

”If (Schumacher) wins the world title this year, fantastic. Then: out,” he told New York Times.

”If he doesn’t win the title again: out.”

Like him or not, though, Schumacher is synonymous with F1. To the ‘sid’ agency, Bernie Ecclestone, perhaps concerned that the Rascasse saga is still raging, urged the British public not to put any more pressure on ‘Schummel Schumi’.

The 75-year-old said: ”He did something wrong and he served his punishment.”

Ralf Schumacher also stepped in to defend his big brother. ”If Michael says he didn’t do it intentionally then I believe him,” he said.

The German also urged the drivers’ union to think carefully about kicking Schumacher out. Ralf said: ”Without Michael, there would not be a GPDA.”

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