Schu’ll do it again – Head

Wed, 21 June 2006, 09:27

Michael Schumacher is likely to repeat a Rascasse-like moment of ‘ruthless’ racing.

That is the expectation of Williams’ engineering veteran and co-owner Patrick Head, whose team, in the past, was twice on the working end of alleged foul play at the hands of the seven time champion.

In 1997 at Jerez, Schumacher turned into Williams’ Jacques Villeneuve in a bid to win a second title. And in 1994, a similar move on Damon Hill only escaped an official protest because – Head says – of the death that year of Ayrton Senna.

Head, 61, told F1 Racing magazine: ”In a sense, I suppose you’d have to say that if a man is capable of foul play once then he’s potentially capable of foul play any number of times.

”I’m not one of the extreme ones calling for him to be kicked out of F1, but what this episode proves … is that he isn’t a sportsman in the sporting sense of the word.”

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