Schumacher another flawed Genius?

Mon, 29 May 2006, 09:24

I for one would hope that if Michael Schumacher and Ferrari wanted to do the equivalent of a professional fowl, they could do a better job than the supposed try at La Rascasse corner at Monaco. The judge has spoken (it took 8hrs) and the verdict is guilty but I will not condemn Michael Schumacher just yet.
To judge a true champion you must see how he gets up and dusts himself off, and seeing his run through the pack to finish 5th highlights his motivation that has made him a 7 time World Champion, Think of that remarkable feat ,7 times the best in the world.

Most of Schumacher’s most vocal critics have been salivating since Saturday Qualifying and tearing Schumacher apart , dragging up past indiscretions that should be let lie. Human nature seems to be to drag the tall poppy down when they get the chance. What has Michael done for the past 15 years except give us F1 fans his all to succeed and help build Formula One. Yes he makes an obscene amount of money doing it and will never have to work another day after retiring but he also puts a lot back in.

Do we regularly drag up Ayrton Senna’s shady indiscretions? NO ,we mourn his tragic loss and reminisce over his awe-inspiring sublime skills that enabled brilliant memorable drives sometimes in cars that were less than great. We still don’t believe that he could have made a mistake on that black day at Imola. Why don’t we believe it?, he had defiantly made errors in judgement previously. Because we miss him tremendously and would have loved the chance to see the master (Senna) go head to head with the apprentice (Schumacher). Had he lived would he have considered using tactics to gain an advantage over the new star ? I’ll let you decide that yourself.
I am from the Senna era and believe that he was the best F1 driver of all times but I do not for a second believe he was perfect, not at a racetrack anyway. Great but not perfect, a flawed Genius.

How will everyone feel the first race after Schumacher retires ? Empty ,hollow ? I bet we’ll all forgive him his sins and wish he’d come out of retirement and strap back into a F1 car and give those newbie’s a lesson !

We should be enjoying watching this intense struggle between great drivers of overlapping era’s as we missed it the last time around. Yes Michael isn’t perfect but who of us is ?


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