Schumacher says Alpine deal still not done

Thu, 12 October 2023, 08:00

Oct.12 (GMM) Mick Schumacher says he is still not ready to announce his plans for 2024.

The current Mercedes reserve driver had hoped to return to the racing grid next year, but it recently emerged that he may need to be content with keeping his current back-up role in F1 alongside a world endurance championship campaign with Alpine.

However, two weeks ago the 24-year-old son of F1 great Michael Schumacher denied that the Alpine-Le Mans deal was already signed and sealed.

“In the background, there’s work on my own plans for next year,” young Schumacher now admits.

“These are still evolving and it’s just a matter of trying to understand exactly which direction we can go in, how to fit in the commitments and things like that. It just takes time,” the German added.

Schumacher also hinted that the Alpine deal would not interfere with his reserve role at Mercedes for 2024.

“I’ve been curious in getting to know everybody better and embed myself within the team,” he said. “It’s been good to get to know the people that worked with my dad and all the new colleagues too.”

Schumacher said he will be trackside at every race until the end of the season in case Lewis Hamilton or George Russell cannot wait, and remains involved in the development of the car for 2024.

“The development of W15 started quite a while ago,” he revealed. “It’s really an ongoing progress. Everything we learn from this year’s car along the way feed into next year. And we’ve learned a great deal.”

“Everyone is working so hard to develop the best possible car we can for the start of next year.”

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