Schumacher to fight ‘clean’ in Brazil – Gene

Mon, 16 October 2006, 12:40

Test driver Marc Gene has defended his Ferrari colleague Michael Schumacher amid suggestions that the German might resort to ‘dirty tricks’ to win the championship in Brazil.

“He is not going to do anything like that,” the Spaniard told the newspaper ‘Marca’.

“He is a clean sportsman and he will fight in a clean way.”

Former triple world champion Sir Jackie Stewart, however, warned his title favourite – Fernando Alonso – to watch out for a scarlet attack at Interlagos’ first corner.

“Anything can happen there,” the veteran Scot told the Sun, “especially in Sao Paulo which has been littered with incidents in the past.”

Schumacher’s former teammate Rubens Barrichello, too, doubted the 37-year-old’s conceding of defeat following his engine failure at Suzuka.

The Brazilian told Reuters: “It’s not the way (Schumacher) is made.”


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