Schu’s loyalties clash on Tuesday

Tue, 4 July 2006, 06:47

Along with his winner’s trophy, the most treasured souvenir of Michael Schumacher’s trip to Indianapolis was a text message on his mobile phone.

The sender was World Cup football player and German compatriot Lukas Podolski, who congratulated the seven time world champion on his US grand prix victory.

On Friday, Schumacher confessed that, after slipping on the grass and tripping terminally into the gravel trap, his mind had been elsewhere.

”Maybe I was still thinking a bit too much about the grass on the football pitch,” he smiled, after only emerging for a lap after the half-time whistle as Germany moved towards victory over Argentina.

Reportedly, however, Schumacher will not travel to Dortmund on Tuesday to catch the semi-final against Italy. Perhaps he is aware of the clash of loyalties, as he has driven since 1996 for Maranello-based Ferrari.

‘Auto Motor Und Sport’, however, claims that he will be testing at Jerez.

”But I will be at the final in Berlin,” he confirmed, ”so perhaps we celebrate something together.”

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