Schu’s manager hopes pressure gets to Alonso

Thu, 19 October 2006, 09:55

Michael Schumacher’s manager says he hopes the pressure gets to championship rival Fernando Alonso this weekend.

With the Spaniard only needing a single point to seal his second title in Brazil, Willi Weber said the 25-year-old will be particularly nervous for the 2006 championship decider.

“For example, when he is eating in the hotel,” Weber was quoted as saying by Bild newspaper, “he will be worried that he is going to upset his stomach.

“And in the car he will be reacting over-sensitively to everything that he sees and hears.”

Former grand prix driver Hans-Joachim Stuck agrees, despite Schumacher’s apparent conceding of the championship after Suzuka.

“In my opinion, the championship is completely open,” he said.


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