Schu’s new role ‘strange’ – Webber

Tue, 30 January 2007, 01:14

Red Bull’s Mark Webber has hinted that he would not put up with a Schumacher-style of “suffocation” if he was Kimi Raikkonen.

The Australian racer expressed surprise that Raikkonen has so far been willing to accept the presence of his Ferrari predecessor, Michael Schumacher, during his early appearances in the Maranello based squad’s garage.

Retired Schumacher has been retained for 2007 as an advisor, but Webber thinks the great German’s presence is an unreasonable extra pressure for 27-year-old Raikkonen as the Finn adapts to his switch after five years at McLaren.

“It’s like having your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend there. Kimi must go ‘what the f***?'” Webber is quoted as saying by ITV.

“It must feel so strange to have the teacher’s pet standing above you while you are trying to get on with your own new programme.

“Suffocation or what?”

At the recent launch of Red Bull’s newly Renault-powered RB3, 30-year-old Webber also suggested that his former role-model – Schumacher – has not always been “good for the sport.”


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