Schu’s son already ‘super-quick’

Wed, 25 October 2006, 11:36

With F1’s seven time world champion now retired, the only ‘Schumacher’ on the grid is 31-year-old Ralf.

But the Cologne based newspaper Express is already holding out hope that another relative of Michael Schumacher could one day be destined for formula one — the German’s 7-year-old son.

“Mick is already super-quick in a go-kart,” said Schumacher’s sponsor from his junior days in formulas Ford and Konig, Jurgen Dilk.

Germany’s TV commentator for RTL, Kai Ebel, speculated: “Michael would be manager, Mick the racer. And then everything starts again!”

Just last year, however, Schumacher shuddered at the thought of a pack of pressmen around his son.

“Think about the pressure he would have to put up with to get out of my shadow,” he said.


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