‘Selfish’ Alonso is title favourite – Berger

Thu, 21 October 2010, 08:31

Oct.21 (GMM) Fernando Alonso’s rivals will need to be as “selfish” as the Spaniard to beat him to the 2010 title, according to Gerhard Berger.

Although the former grand prix winner – a close friend of Red Bull mogul Dietrich Mateschitz – believes Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel are in the best car, Berger thinks Ferrari’s Alonso is the better driver.

“Only if they’re as selfish as Alonso will they be world champion this year,” the Austrian is quoted by Sport Bild.

“For me he’s the best driver at the moment overall; he has experience and is still young enough to be going flat out without fear,” added Berger.

Alonso, 29, can also count on the full support of the Ferrari team, whose other driver Felipe Massa has fallen into line behind him.

“Ferrari cannot do better than Alonso, and there is no better place for Alonso than Ferrari,” said Berger, backing the Italian team’s philosophy.

In a separate interview with APA news agency, Berger said Adrian Newey’s RB6 is in a “class of one” in 2010, and dismissed rivals complaints about its legality as “cheap politics”.

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