Singapore moves ahead with night race plans

Tue, 16 October 2007, 10:41

Plans for the first ever formula one night race in Singapore have taken a crucial step forward.

The new race’s promoter said on Tuesday that it had contracted an Italian company, Valerio Maioli, to supply the bespoke lighting system for the event in September next year.

The decision follows successful lighting tests at Indianapolis earlier this year, and more comprehensive subsequent two-day trials at Bernie Ecclestone’s Paul Ricard circuit in France, it was revealed in a news conference.

1500 lights will illuminate the circuit so that it is nearly four times brighter than a typical sports stadium, while 24 generators will ensure that the lights will not fail, it was explained.

“Each power generator can power the whole race in the event of failure,” said Valerio Maioli, the lighting company’s chief.

The system will be ready to be tested in early January.

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