Situation ‘worse’ than Senna-Prost struggle

Mon, 6 August 2007, 01:59

Ron Dennis in Hungary said the situation at McLaren this year is “worse” than his struggle to control the loathing shared in the past by Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna.

“There didn’t used to be the internet,” he told Spanish reporters, after F1’s new media this weekend revealed the rifts that exist within the Woking based team in 2007.

The Briton looked haggard and tired on Sunday evening and admitted to looking forward to the August break.

“The only thing I need now is some peace, to get home and to have a good glass of wine. I am sixty years old,” he smiled wryly.

Dennis also expressed little patience for Fernando Alonso’s refusal to guarantee fulfilling the full term of his contract.

“I will continue to operate a team with specific values,” he said, also hinting that other teams are probably feeding the rumours to take advantage of a tumultuous period for McLaren.

He added: “If anybody does not want to respect them, they know what to do. Our drivers have contracts and we hope that they fulfil them, because we certainly intend to.”

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