Slated Schu refuses to look back

Tue, 6 June 2006, 09:11

A little over a week after incurring the F1 world’s wrath with his Monaco moment, Michael Schumacher wants to move on.

The Ferrari driver, who argued against the stewards’ decision to push him to the back of the grid, vowed to ‘look ahead’ to Silverstone rather than back at one of the most controversial discrepancies of his career.

In his traditional pre-race quotes published on his website, 37-year-old Schumacher didn’t mention Monaco even once, other than to say that ‘everyone’ at Ferrari retains ‘undeterred motivation’.

Britain’s ‘Times’ newspaper, meanwhile, was probably hoping to extract a little more from the German, but he is stalwart in not wanting to revisit the past.

”I look ahead in life,” Schumacher said.

He insisted: ”You have to understand that in certain moments there is no point in talking about the past. In our job, it is important to focus on what happens in the future — and that is what I am doing.”

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