Sorry Ecclestone would welcome Mosley comeback

Mon, 24 October 2011, 09:35

Oct.24 (GMM) Bernie Ecclestone has admitted he would welcome Max Mosley back to the FIA presidency.

The F1 chief executive told Germany’s Welt am Sonntag newspaper that coming out in opposition to his long-time fellow F1 powerbroker amid the 2008 scandal ranks among his biggest ever regrets.

“One of the worst things I’ve done in my life – and for which I am ashamed – is to not defend Max Mosley when he had his big problems. There’s no excuse,” said Ecclestone.

The 80-year-old is referring to his call for Mosley to step down as pressure rose in the wake of the then FIA president’s sex scandal involving sadomasochism and prostitutes.

“I made the mistake because so many people – executives and decision-makers from big companies and banks – convinced me that Max must go in the circumstances,” Ecclestone explained.

He said his own opinion of the sex affair was that it was “purely private” and “nothing to do with formula one”.

“But I was influenced very strongly and badly not to support him. I have apologised personally to Max and also publicly before the FIA World Council,” added the Briton.

The FIA is now headed by former Ferrari boss Jean Todt, and it is known that Ecclestone is not a fan.

“I have nothing against the present incumbent, Jean Todt, but I would welcome Max’s return,” insisted Ecclestone.

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