Spanish fans remain loyal to Alonso

Tue, 22 May 2007, 06:44

F1’s Spanish fans are remaining loyal to their world champion, despite Felipe Massa’s recent claim that Lewis Hamilton might be the more “dangerous” threat in 2007.

A poll of more than 15,000 readers of the newspaper ‘Marca’ shows that, although rookie Hamilton currently leads the drivers’ standings by two points, Fernando Alonso’s countrymen still think the double title winner can triumph for a third consecutive time this year.

Of the 15,000 readers, more than 10,000 – or 70 per cent – think Alonso will emerge from 2007 ahead of his new McLaren teammate. The remaining 4,500 think 22-year-old Briton Hamilton is the better driver.

“I have not had the results I have wanted at the previous two races,” Alonso acknowledged this week, “however I have kept scoring good points and we have continued to develop the performance of the car.”

He won the Monaco grand prix in 2006; as did Hamilton, in the GP2 series. The year before, Hamilton won the Monte-Carlo round of the F3 Euroseries.

Hamilton said: “I am going to the race again this year with the intention of fighting for the win.

“However we do have to keep being realistic; this will be my fifth race in formula one and I am still developing.”

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