Spanish reports: Alonso cleared for Malaysian GP?

Mon, 23 March 2015, 05:25

The are widespread reports in Spain that Fernando Alonso has passed the medical tests he took on 22 March and is now on his way to the Malaysian GP to race for the first time in 2015.

However, the two time world champion will still have to satisfy the FIA officials, before practice 1 starts on Friday 27 March, that he can get out of the cockpit within 5 seconds. Although it is expected the Spaniard would pass the test effortlessly.

It will be interesting to observe the former Ferrari man’s reaction to driving the new McLaren Honda competitively. There is a serious possibility of the driver, many consider to be the best in Formula 1, to be lapped by his former teammate, Kimi Raikkonen, which he so dramatically outperformed last year.

Alonso is said to be a demanding character in the Formula 1 paddock, it would be interesting to hear his thoughts upon learning it may be the end of the season until McLaren reach some kind of competitiveness:

“I expect the team to be competitive by the end of the season,” said McLaren race director Eric Boullier.

“We have targeted some power, torque and energy recovery targets. We know today that it is working, so it’s just a question of time.

“The biggest challenge for Honda to catch up is not having started a year after [the other engine manufacturers], it is having taken the decision [to enter F1] one and a half years ago.”

In the meantime we will keep you updated with any developments on Alonso’s health.

Amir Hussain

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