Spy saga still sizzling in Hungary

Fri, 3 August 2007, 12:05

A Ferrari spokesman in Hungary did not criticise McLaren for issuing a blanket ‘no comment’ on the ever-worsening spy scandal.

After Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton were pulled from all media engagements in Budapest, Ferrari’s media representative said: “We have nothing more to say on this subject.”

Luca Colajanni did not even counter McLaren chief Ron Dennis’ claim that Kimi Raikkonen won the Australian grand prix in March at the wheel of an illegal car.

He said: “We’re not getting involved in a tennis match with McLaren; we’ve said all we’re going to.”

Ferrari did, however, allow its drivers to speak with the media on Thursday; a decision given “full marks” by the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

“At least (Raikkonen) took his place in the official press conference, which is exactly where Fernando Alonso should have been before being inexcusably pulled by his bosses,” journalist Kevin Garside said.

Elsewhere, the only real development in the scandal was Italian motor sport boss Luigi Macaluso’s written reply to Ron Dennis, whose attack on Ferrari in an earlier letter was scathing.

“It is apparent from your letter that there is a distinct difference between McLaren’s view of events and that of Ferrari,” Macaluso told Dennis.

“It therefore seems appropriate for the matter to be reviewed by the International Court of Appeal as decided by the FIA President, Mr Mosley.”

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