Spyker confirm name change for 2007

Tue, 24 October 2006, 12:36

The Dutch F1 team based at Silverstone will in 2007 be known simply as ‘Spyker F1’.

After Michiel Mol’s recent takeover, the new owners had to retain the ‘MF1 Racing’ tag because mid-season name changes are not allowed. Adopting the official title ‘Spyker MF1 Racing’ in mid-2006 was thanks to a loophole allowing a title sponsor to precede the team’s name.

“At the end of an unsettled season the former Midland F1 Racing squad are looking forward to returning to formula one in Melbourne (in 2007) as the all-new Spyker F1 Team,” a statement on Monday read.

The team also said the orange and silver livery used since Shanghai was a ‘sneak preview’ of Spyker for 2007.

The 2007 lineup will also boast Ferrari engines and Mike Gascoyne.


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