Spyker eye first win in five years

Mon, 27 November 2006, 11:17

Spyker is keeping its expectations low for its first full season in formula one next year.

Michiel Mol, who is the Dutch grand prix team’s ‘director of formula one racing’, agreed that the Silverstone based camp is anticipating a brighter future than under the ownership of Alex Shnaider.

But, after the small sports carmaker took over the team in mid 2006, Mol told the magazine Formule 1 Race Report: “In 2007 we want a couple of points.

“(Then) within the next three years we are looking for the podium and our first win in five years.”

Mol said the other target for 2007 was ‘respect’ from within the sport’s inner sanctum, but he warned that achieving much more – despite recruiting Mike Gascoyne as a technical chief – was unlikely for now.

He added: “Everyone knows that we do not expect much out of 2007, but in 2008 we must make a couple of considerable steps forward so that we are taken seriously.”


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