Spyker in exclusive talks with Mol and Vijay Mallya

Sat, 1 September 2007, 01:12

Spyker F1 team has started a 30-day exclusive term of negotiating with the Dutch investing company Strongwind and the Indian industrial Vijay Mallya. A spokesman of Spyker F1 says that there is a bid of 80 million Euro.

Last year Spyker bought its Formula 1 team for 77,8 million Euro. In that deal Strongwind was also involved. Strongwind is owned by millionaires Jan Mol and ex-Spyker CEO Michiel Mol.

Vijay Mallya is also in talks with Super Aguri F1. Mallya owns a range of companies, one of his companies is the quickly expanding airline company Kingfisher Airlines. With this company Vijay Mallya is sponsor of Toyota F1. However Vijay Mallya wants more, he is targeting to start an Indian Formula 1 team.

It looks like that the adventure of Spyker in Formula 1 is going to end soon. Last year at the Italian GP the Dutch sportscar manufactur announced with a big celebration that it bought the former Midland F1 team.

Peter Gloudemans

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