Spyker slams sorry Sutil

Sun, 10 June 2007, 11:32

Team technical chief Mike Gascoyne slammed Spyker’s rookie driver Adrian Sutil on Sunday after another crash at the Montreal circuit.

The young German has outpaced his experienced teammate Christijan Albers in 2007, but Gascoyne thinks he makes too many mistakes.

Sutil retired from the Canadian grand prix after hitting the wall at turn eight.

“Adrian once again went off on his own accord — he really has to stop making this kind of mistake now if he wants to compete at this level,” Gascoyne said.

Sutil was quoted as saying “sorry to the team”, but Spyker officials were also unhappy with Albers, whose brush with the wall probably led to his shunt that was caused by a broken wing.

Team principal Colin Kolles said: “We cannot let this situation happen again.”

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