Spyker sponsor starts GP2 team

Wed, 12 September 2007, 03:20

Spyker sponsor Trust has plans to start their own GP2 team. The ICT-company from the Netherlands has signed an intention letter with Trevor Carlin to start a GP2 team in 2009.

Trust is currently a sponsor of Spyker F1. Trust will end this sponsorship at the end of this year. In the past months Trust was also in talks with Champcar team Conquest Racing. Trust decided to choose for GP2 because Champcar was too “American” for them.

In the weekend of the Belgium Grand-Prix Trust CEO Michel Perridon and Trevor Carlin will have a meeting with Bernie Ecclestone and GP2 organisator Bruno Michel. Its expected Trust will signs a contract their to get a GP2 license for the team.

GP2 driver Ho-Ping Tung and Renault World Series and Spyker F1 testdriver driver Giedo van der Garde are believed to become drivers of the team for next year.

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