Spyker step down chief designer

Tue, 28 August 2007, 10:54

Spyker has stepped down its chief designer John McQuilliam, according to reports.

While it is not known if the news is related to the ‘B’ car’s failure last week to pass a FIA crash test, the Dutch team’s boss Colin Kolles confirmed McQuilliam’s suspension to the magazine Formule 1 Race Report.

Spyker’s chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne said in Istanbul on Sunday that, while the ‘B’ car will be tested at Monza this week, whether or not it will be subsequently be cleared to race in the Italian grand prix is another matter.

He said: “We should be using the new car in Monza.”

McQuilliam joined Jordan – Spyker and Midland’s Silverstone-based predecessor – in 1991.

Formule 1 Race Report also confirmed rumours in Turkey that, given the arrival at Honda of Loic Bigois and John Owen, Honda aerodynamic specialist Mariano Alperin-Bruvera is moving to BMW-Sauber.

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