Spyker to test more regularly – Gascoyne

Thu, 19 April 2007, 04:13

F1 backmarker Spyker will test more regularly for the remainder of 2007 after admitting that its undersized winter preparation impacted the initial development of the F8-VII single seater.

The Dutch team’s highly rated chief technology officer Mike Gascoyne confessed that the first flyaway races of 2007 turned into little more than “fire-fighting” after Spyker sat out crucial pre-season tests at grand prix venues Bahrain and Malaysia.

He said the Silverstone based outfit will from now on basically follow the same test schedule as the rest of the 2007 grid.

“Yes, there’s no real deficit for us in terms of testing,” Briton Gascoyne explained.

He also said the refurbished wind tunnel near its base in England will be switched on in “the next couple of weeks”, while Spyker is currently developing bodywork parts in the respective Lola and Aerolab facilities in England and Italy.

Meanwhile, we reported this week that team boss Colin Kolles had accelerated the projected debut of the ‘B’ car from Turkey (August) to the Nurburgring (July); information now confirmed by Gascoyne.

He explained: “It’s less of an update because we’re doing more updates earlier. The Malaysia package wasn’t originally planned, and we’re doing some parts for Barcelona, and hopefully there will be a package for Monaco.

“So we’re doing more sooner, which is good.”

The ‘B’ car will principally feature a new rear end, new gearbox, radiators, dampers and bodywork, Gascoyne added.

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