Spyker to use second wind tunnel

Fri, 12 January 2007, 10:53

Dutch formula one squad Spyker will continue its push from the rear of the grid in 2007 by using a second wind tunnel.

The British magazine Autosport reports that Mike Gascoyne, who was dumped by Toyota last year, has negotiated a deal to use the ‘Aerolab’ facility in Italy.

Toyota used the tunnel for four years until late last year, when its contract ran out.

At Silverstone, meanwhile, Spyker is due to complete an overhaul of its own tunnel.

“With the full-time use of the Aerolab tunnel, we’ll have as much aero resource as any team in F1,” Gascoyne said.

“After four years at Toyota I got (Aerolab) working exactly the way I want them. Now, all their efforts become ours.”


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