Spyker won’t buy customer car – Mallya

Wed, 12 September 2007, 03:05

Spyker will remain a constructor in the future rather than buy cars from bigger teams, according to one of the team’s new owners.

The sale of the Dutch outfit to the Mol family and Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya will almost certainly be rubber-stamped at the end of the month.

But Mallya, to own half of the team that in the future will include the word ‘India’ in its name, told f1.com that the cars will continue to be built in the factory at Silverstone.

“Spyker is a constructor team and all new teams that possibly will come into existence in ’08 are not constructors,” he observed.

New rules next year are expected to allow entrants like Prodrive to buy a complete chassis from other teams.

And even though Spyker is at present the slowest competitor on the grid, Mallya said: “I clearly wanted to be a constructor.”

He also revealed that the “Indian flag would be part of the team colours and logo” in 2008.

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