Stable rules best way to close F1 gaps – Perez

Wed, 25 September 2019, 07:35

Sep.25 (GMM) Sergio Perez says the best way to close the gap in Formula 1 is for the regulations to be left alone.

The teams and Liberty Media are currently squabbling over the details of the latter’s push for a rules revolution in 2021.

The plan involves cars that are slower and heavier but easier to overtake with, 18-inch wheels, multiple standard parts, and a budget cap.

Prior to signing a new three-year contract through 2022, Racing Point driver Perez warned that he “will not be here” beyond 2021 if the midfield does not move closer to the front.

But Marca sports newspaper quotes him as saying that the big regulation change for 2021 is not likely to help, at least initially.

“In 2014, the engine was changed and we saw the biggest gaps in history for Mercedes,” he said.

“Two years ago the cars and wheels were made wider and that re-opened another gap. Every time there is a change of regulation, the gaps increase because teams with bigger budgets can spend more on their new cars.

“The smaller teams take years to get a little bit closer, when the big teams run out of possibilities to improve,” Perez added.

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