Stepney, Ferrari, step up legal attacks

Wed, 25 July 2007, 11:47

Both sides have stepped up their legal attack as the Stepney-gate espionage scandal rolls on.

It is reported in the Italian press this week that sacked Ferrari employee Nigel Stepney, who is accused of sabotaging the team’s cars and sending reams of secret information to fierce rivals McLaren, has commissioned a private detective to work on his case.

The Briton claims that he is the victim of an international conspiracy waged by Ferrari to forever foul his switch to rival teams.

Ferrari, meanwhile, has also stepped up its attack by hiring former British police commissioner Lord Stevens to investigate the leaking of confidential information to McLaren.

“I can confirm that (Steven’s company) Quest have been retained by Ferrari, as evidenced by mention of Quest in papers filed at the High Court,” a spokesman for Quest told The Telegraph.

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