STR to be in ’08 midfield – Vettel

Tue, 11 March 2008, 05:02

Toro Rosso will be among the midfield fight in formula one this year, German driver Sebastian Vettel says.

The Red Bull sister team, to commence the 2008 season with its older car before receiving the new single seater in a few races’ time, logged lap times among teams including Williams and even Renault in the winter period.

“It looks as though we have closed the gap,” Vettel, 20, confirmed to Eurosport.

“We are in the big midfield group,” he added. “And when you consider where we started from, it is almost sensational when you think about it — no matter how the actual balance of power turns out to be.”

Vettel, however, is also keen to get his hands on Red Bull’s Adrian Newey-penned RB4 – to be called the STR3 in Toro Rosso’s hands – later this season.

He said the development and potential of the current STR2-B has been “exhausted”.

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