Sunny in Shanghai but race rain possible

Sun, 18 April 2010, 06:31

Apr.18 (GMM) As the countdown to the Chinese grand prix enters its final few hours, there was no sign of rain in Shanghai throughout Sunday morning.

Sebastian Vettel confidently predicted race-day rain after dominating qualifying on Saturday, and it then emerged that Toro Rosso has set up Sebastien Buemi’s car for wet weather.

There are some clouds in the sky on Sunday, but they do not yet look ominous, and it has been quite warm and sunny, albeit a little windy.

Word around the massive concrete paddock, however, is that light afternoon showers are very possible, ahead of a wet evening, while the heavy rain could arrive earlier than expected.

Bruno Senna, after his HRT team skipped the entire winter pre-season, said he is not looking forward to rain in China.

“We are already at the limit of adhesion,” he is quoted as saying by Brazil’s Globo.

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