Super Aguri absent from teams’ meeting

Sat, 26 April 2008, 06:03

Reports that all teams met for a bosses meeting in Barcelona on Saturday morning were incorrect — conspicuously absent was Aguri Suzuki or any representatives of the struggling Japanese team.

The Leafield based team is only able to compete at this weekend’s Spanish grand prix with a final handout from Honda.

Some unkind observers at the circuit have playfully marvelled that, so strapped for cash is Super Aguri, that it has oddly had to alter its cars’ usual livery this weekend in order to cut down on red paint.

In interviews on Friday, Suzuki would not confirm that his team will be able to race in the forthcoming Turkish grand prix, revealing that talks next week are crucial to the team’s uncertain future.

Another bad sign was his absence from the teams’ meeting with Bernie Ecclestone in the Toyota motor home, as details such as next year’s KERS introduction were discussed.

“Those who came, came, and those who didn’t, didn’t,” Force India chief Colin Kolles said bluntly.

“Everyone was invited.”

Briefly discussed at the end of the meeting was the plight of embattled FIA president Max Mosley, but three teams – Ferrari, Red Bull and Toro Rosso – vetoed a proposal to issue a joint statement asking for the 68-year-old Briton to step down.

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