Super Aguri hopes Honda accepts Weigl buyout

Sat, 3 May 2008, 02:24

Super Aguri on Friday confirmed talks with the German automotive engineering company Weigl Group.

In a move that is being interpreted as pressure on the Honda board to accept the buyout, Leafield based Super Aguri said talks had entered “final discussions” for the sale of “a substantial shareholding” of the team.

It was previously reported that Honda – the struggling team’s creditor, sponsor and technical supplier – was reluctant to accept the Weigl deal because it is neither a complete takeover nor financed in the longer term.

But Super Aguri said in its statement that Weigl’s is a “just and reasonable offer” that would “secure its racing future”.

Team boss and co-owner Aguri Suzuki, meanwhile, revealed that the deal will shortly be presented to the Honda board in Tokyo.

“Such a partnership as the one proposed by Weigl Group will allow us to race for the foreseeable future and I am hopeful that all parties will find the Group’s offer a realistic package,” he said.

Weigl CEO Franz Josef Weigl added that it is his company’s “earnest intention” to “provide ongoing investment to secure the team’s future”.

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