Super Aguri reavels SA07 in Melbourne

Wed, 14 March 2007, 05:30

The ‘car sharing’ argument is sure to refire in Melbourne after Super Aguri on Wednesday afternoon unveiled a car that strongly resembles last year’s Honda.

Officials of the Japanese squad did not admit that the newly liveried SA07 is fundamentally a clone of the old Honda single seater, but a statement said it is a “collaboration” between Leafield designers and Honda’s R&D centre in Tochigi.

Asked how the car differs from the ‘interim’ machine, which also strongly resembled the 2006 Honda and was used all winter for testing, technical director Mark Preston said: “Aerodynamically the car will be sporting different wings and other aerodynamic devices.

“Most other areas have stayed fairly similar, with radiator packaging and electronics not varying much from last year.”

The car was revealed in the paddock at Albert Park.

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