Super Aguri ‘saved’ by part-buyer – report

Sat, 15 September 2007, 05:43

Aguri Suzuki has sold a stake of his formula one team to a mystery backer.

The Japanese started searching for an investor when major backer SS United failed to make due payments in 2007.

The Austrian newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten said a powerful Japanese businessman has plugged the budget hole, therefore securing the future of Leafield based Super Aguri.

The new investor is set to be announced officially at Suzuki’s home race at Fuji in two weeks.

“I am also negotiating with another partner, Suzuki is quoted as saying, “because it is not necessary that I keep 100 per cent of the team in my name.

“The danger never existed that we would have to stop this year, but now we have been saved for the future,” the Japanese added.

It is rumoured that the other possible Super Aguri investors are Tony Teixiera, an unnamed Dutch billionaire, and Spanish businessman Alejandro Agag.

Suzuki also revealed that he has not yet decided whether to run a customer car next year or built a bespoke Super Aguri.

“A customer car is not so attractive,” he said, “because of the distribution of the TV funds. On the other hand it costs $200m and 200 men to make your own.

“We will weigh up our interests with our partner.”

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