Symonds wants agressive Alonso in 2006

Sat, 31 December 2005, 12:27

Renault’s engineering chief Pat Symonds wants to see an agressive Fernando Alonso in defencing his first Formula 1 title in 2006. Symonds said he doesn’t want to see a Alonso who is driving cold and calculated like Alonso did until the Brasilian Grand-Prix.

“What we saw leading up to Brazil was the conservatism that would ensure his championship,” Symonds told Autosport Magazine. “What we saw after Brazil was the real Fernando.”

“What I want to see next year is the real Fernando all year long, irrespective of championship positions,” Symonds added. “I’m not implying that he did anything wrong this year, he did exactly what was required – but sometimes to defend you need to attack and I think that’s one lesson I hope we’ve all learned from 2005 – that irrespective of championship positions we just keep going for the wins.”

Peter Gloudemans

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