Teams can choose engine implementation

Fri, 17 October 2008, 07:15

Oct.17 (GMM) Teams will be free to choose how to implement the FIA’s imposition of a standard engine formula from 2010

After a tender process for a third party supplier of engines was announced on Friday, a spokesman clarified that the mandatory aspect of the regulations will be for the use of the designated design

“The provider will set out a detailed design for a standardised engine and either supply it in full working order or the detailed design in order to enable competitors to build their own standardised engine,” the FIA official said

He added that the third party supplier would then “assist the FIA” to ensure that F1’s competing manufacturers are sticking to the detailed engine design

The standard engine proposal is highly controversial among F1’s carmakers, who are behind rumours in the paddock that some may pull out if their technological freedom is further curtailed

The FIA, on the other hand, argues that spiralling costs have made the sport “unsustainable”, and that this is the real threat to the health and size of the grid

It is also expected that the standard engine scheme is a negotiating position, giving president Max Mosley an opportunity to back down but compromise on other cost-cutting measures

For instance, Reuters reports that on the agenda for the teams’ upcoming Geneva meeting with Mosley is a plan whereby manufacturers offer gearbox-engine packages to customer teams for less than 5m euros

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